Unknown Manufacturers



In the early years of the phonograph, many small companies tried to break into the market, and even small metalworking shops put out small batches of their own sesigns.

Not all manufacturers marked their machines with an identifying logo, and in some cases where one was present it could have worn off, or the piece of the ensemble with logo may be missing, e.g. lid.

One can research in the many trade journals of the time to see if one can spot an advert or report on a specific machine in the hope of identifying the manufacturer, make, country of origin.

Below are machines where we do not know from where they originate.

IDENTIFIED: August Welt Phonograph

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This machine has a number of unique features: The horn, the start stop leaver on the opposite side than the motor, the regulator parallel to the mandrel, and the mandrel with sprung cut-outs that hold the cylinder onto the mandrel. Intended for 2 minute wax cylinders.

The wood base has no latches or catches that would indicate that there was a lid with this model.


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