Ernst Eisemann & Company


The Ernst Eisemann company was founded in Stuttgart in the 1890's as an Electrical & Technical installation undertaking. Its founder Ernst Eisemann initially started to build phonographs to his own design. In 1896 he successfully defended his main patent against Edison, and won. This cleared the way for his phonograph business. However other branches of his business were being even more successful.

Already in 1900 his company was becoming a market leader in the production of magneto's and spark-plugs for the surging automobile industry. In 1907 he founded the Eisemann Magneto Company in New York.

The first world war, and subsequent depression were hard on Eisemann and the company lost much of their international business. In the early 20's Eisemann also invented electrically powered hair clippers, later generations of the idea we still see today in hair salons. Due to the hard times, the Eisemann and Bosch companies began to co-operate in many fields. and in 1924 Eisemann was integrated into Bosch. The name eisemann continued to be used by Bosch untill the 1980's. Bosch of course still exists today as a major player in the automotive and tool sector.


1896 Electric

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This machine won a Silver Medal at the Stuttgart Exhibition in 1896

Model "Siegfried" coin operated 1899

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2 minute wax cylinder model

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Based on the Columbia Eagle, this standard style open works phonograph played 2 minute wax cylinders.


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