Kastenpuck's (Kastenpuck means that it is a Puck, but in a case) as with ordinary puck machines were the types of phonograph that were at the lower price end of the market. What differeniiates then from ordinary Puck machine is that they were housed in a cabinet, wheras ordinary pucks were without any type of case.

International Phonograph Company, Berlin

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An extremely rare machine of unusual design. It has a flat base as opposed to the usual Kastenpuck style of the machine sitting on a box. It has a black enamelled bedplate with gold decoration. Though the motor is typical puck style, the columns holding mandrel brake & governor are turned metal.

The horn support extends out when the machine is in use, but slides back under the base plate when the machine is closed. A patent number is embossed on the brake lever.

It is designed to play wax 2 minute records. It dates from around 1900

And here is another variation that is more "Kastenpuck", ie it has a cabinet. Almost identical in layout except that it has a seated Brittania on its base.

Kastenpuck - Lohengrin

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This Kastenpuck (unsure of maker) depicts a scene from the Wagner opera "Lohengrin" that was written in 1850. In scene 1, A boat drawn by a swan appears on the river and in it stands a knight in shining armour, who later turns out to be Lohengrin, knight of the Holy Grail.

This machine pictured missis its correct horn support arm. The metal parts are painted gold, and other known examples are silver painted with coloured highlights on some of the features.


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