Canneval - Société du Phonographe Français


Edouard Cannevel (1866 - 1920) was born in the village of -Nicoloas d’Aliermont in the Seine-Maritime district . An engineer by training, his interests were in many fields. He is the author of a book on the rotation of the earth, as demonstrated by the Foucault pendulum (1903), he contributed to the invention of the halftone screen, invented an electric controller (1891), an incandescent lamp that functioned in the fresh air, a gas engine (1904). He also invented some photographic accessories, that were marketed under the name "Chronopose Cannevel".

In 1900, together with Paul Hébert he founded the “ Société du Phonographe Français” , which marketed a phonograph & cylinders under the brand "The Conqueror".

His last invention was apparently a Cinematograph, whose manufacture it is rumoured, met with little success.

Info about this manufacturer & the machine he produced and possibly cylinders as well, is somewhat sparse!

Canneval Conqueror

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The Canneval Conqueror phonograph was a machine that was quite different in form from other phonographs on the market at the time. It is actually quite innovative with the motor built in to the cast assembly next to the Mandrel.

There are probably 20 or so of these machines still remaining allowing one to assume that a large number were sold. One weakness of the machine is that it used a lot of pot.metal which over time decays.

There seem to be at least 2 variations of the machine, one with a fixed horn & reproducer playing only Concert Cylinders and the other, possibly rarer version with a floating horn & reproducer attachment, with a slip on mandrel (s) allowing also Standard & Inter cylinders to be played.



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