Musica was the trade name of the Dutreih company, based in Paris. Their logo was a red star with the letters DG in the center and Musica above, and Paris below.

Though Dutreih sold phonographs under the Musica label, they sold cylinders branded under the Dutreih name.

Dutreih also manufactured disc players after cylinder player technology was superceeded by discs.

Model "Le Parisien"

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Somewhat similar to the Pathe model 0, this simple machine played standard cylinders. The gorn was suppoerted by a flat metal extention arm, and there was no feedscrew to guide the reproducer, it merely floated across the cylinder. This required the machine to be on a flat surface.

Nouveau Modela A

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Similar to the "Le Parisienne" model, except that it was fitted to a reversible case. It could also accept an "Inter" size mandrel over the standard mandrel to play the Inter size cylinders.

Modele Internezzo GD

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A Graphophone Eagle style machine with a feedscrew and typical horn / reproducer support. However with this model an attachment was available that attached over the normal horn aperture, and acted as an additional horn support, with a wire frame that could support the horn when the machine was not playing. Dutreih praided this as a "De Luxe" machine,

This model could only play the Inter size cylinders.

In this image the additional support is not present. As one can see the accompanying cylinders are branded as "Phonographs Dutreih"


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