Au Sou BB 1855 ,
55 Rue Turbigo,



The gimmic with this manufacturer - so the story goes - is that they chose a particularly rare gold coin as their logo. The BB was the mint mark & 1855 was the year of the Napoleon III coin. So the logo is something like "the BB cent of 1855". Maybe trying to allude that their phonographs were also very valuable?

Additionally as the story is told, the company had a large store in Paris, not only for phonographs, and their publicity claimed that if someone came into their store with such a coin, they could have anything in the shop in return. Question is, is this fact or fable?

Au Sou BB 1855 , model ?

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This model was a rather simply built phonograph that plays both standard and inter sized (with an adapter) cylinders. It has an open spring, protected above by a curved metal plate. The horn support is a flat piece of curved metal that screws onto the wood base plate, and has a hole at the top end to accept the horn.

The logo was displayed predominantly on the lid

This model has also been seen with a "Musica" logo on the cover.


Au Sou BB 1855 , Puck machine

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