Puck Phonographs


The Puck style of talking machines was a phenomenon frpm the late 1890's to around 1906. These talking machines were at the lowest-end of the phonographic price range, selling cheaply and sometimes giving away one free with the purchase of 24 cylinders. Most commonly found variety is the cast-iron lyre-shaped Puck. Usually manufactured in France or Germany, many of them have no identifying marks, and were made by 3rd party manufacturers for sale by other companies.

Largets manufactureres were
- George Carrette - a large toy making company

Typically a level surface was needed for the Puck, or the needle would slide off the record . Some Pucks were equipped with a spirit level and adjustable leveling screw to ensure that the cylinder was horisontal. They usually have asmall spring motor that is key-wound. The mandrel is connected to the governor pully with a loop of string.

Though the lyre shaped base is the most typical, and there are many lyre variations, manufacturers were very creative with designs.

Typical standard style Puck

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Typical lyre shape. There is a levelling screw for adjustment at the back foot.

It is designed to play wax 2 minute records. It dates from around 1900

Syrene Puck

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There were a number of variations in the colour of the decoration of this casting style. 2 other different styles of Mermaid themed casting also exist.


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