Bial & Freund


Bial & Freund were a company based in Breslau & Wien (Wroclow & Vienna) . They were established in 1864, and were a retailer for more technical apparatus, such as camera's. They did not actually manufacture anything but did carry some self branded items.

The Bial & Freund phonographs were made by EWC (Excelsior Werck Koeln) but in a unique construction especially for Bial & Freund & adorned with a Bial & Freund logo.


Bial & Freund model Large

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An easily recognisable machine with the Bial & Freund logo, and a greek frieze decoration around the bedplate, and a decorative case. It has quite a unique reproducer / horn carriage construction.

It is designed to play wax 2 minute records. It dates from 1899 -1902

Bial & Freund model Small

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