Lindstrom (Lindström )


Carl Lindström was one of the pioneers of recorded music in europe. He began to produce phonographs in 1896, initially producing cheap lyre puck phonographs. Carl Lindström was born in Sweden in 1869, but he set up his first Phonograph company in Berlin, Germany.

In the early 1900's he moved from producing cylinder phonographs to producing disc gramophones and records. His company - Parlophone - became the second largest record company in Europe.


Lindstrom Victoria Phonograph 1902 / 1903

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Claimed by Lindström to be the ultimate in phonograph technology, this machine was advertised as having no cogs, and totally silent in its operation.

The advertising may have been a bit liberal with the truth as it does have a spring driven motor. What is unusal with the machine though is that the Mandrel - feedscrew is connected by a chain drive (the chain running over a cog at each side). The motor connection to the carriage is by a leather belt.

It is designed to play wax 2 minute records.


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