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Please note that many of these collector books, that were released in limited numbers, are out of print. This means that buying a new copy is unlikely. However a used copy if available is just as good, and some books, and should be grabbed as they become available - used or not. Some of the used prices though do seem to rise to the extreme, and advice is that you should wait until a more reasonably priced example is available,
Guide to the Edison Cylinder Phonograph, 1895-1929.
Frow & Seftl

An excellent guide to Edison Phonographs. In depth details of every make and model. A must have book for any Edison collector.
Collecting Phonographs & Gramophones.
Christopher Proudfoot

The book that launched many collections! The book gives a summary of the major Cylinder & Disc phonograph brands, with some examples illustrated. Also very sound advice on examining a prospective purchase, repairs & restoration, and glossary of terms.
Columbia Phonograph Companion, Vol I,
Howard Hazelcorn

As with the Guide to Edison phonographs, Mr Hazelcorn's book is an excellent guide to Columbia Graphophone phonographs. Each model is described in detail.
Henri LIORET. Julien Anton
Excellent and well researched book on the Lioret phonographs. The original is in French and very well illustrated. An accompanying volume has the english translation - but one needs to refer to the French version for the pictures.
Recently published, but need to find a source as its not available om Amazon
Edison Blue Amberol Cylinders 1912-1914. Ron Dethlefson.
The 2 books by Ron Dethlefson are a reference to all the Blue Amberol (4 minute) recordings released by Edison. Most interesting are the details and photographs of the Amberol cylinder manufacturing process. Also included are reproductions of a great many of the record slips which accompanied the records when new, but are invariably lost today.
Edison Blue Amberol Recordings 1915-1929. Ron Dethlefson  
The Patent History of the Phonograph, 1877-1912,
by Allen Koenigsberg.
Edison Cylinder Records, 1889-1912, With an Illustrated History of the Phonograph, by Allen Koenigsberg  
The Illustrated History of the Phonograph,
Daniel Marty

Large an interesting book, well illustrated, tracing the history of some major phonograph companies in Europe, most predominantly; Edison, Columbia Graphophone, Pathe & Zonophone, as well as other European makes. Available in French as well as English.


Phonograph Links - Websites - One of the best sites for research, where collectors can post information objects in their collection, thus adding to a census of surviving objects. READ THE HANDBOOK! The site has great potential. - some very rare Edison phonographs.

Cylinder Preservation & Digitization Project
- digital collection of over 8,000 cylinder recording

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